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Indo-Dan Lampshades is a joint venture between a Leading Scandinvian manufacturer of lamp shades & Golden Peakock Overseas Ltd.
who are pioneering manufacturer of Lighting components in India.

Lamp Shades and Lamp BasesSet-up in close proximity to New Delhi, Indo-Dan has a fully integrated production facility, right from in house lamination of all its materials , to die punching of its panels & final production / packing of Lampshades.

Indo-Dan's lampshades are made in the highly Scandinavian process of sewing the back seam & also of sewing the top & botton piping, thereby eliminating the use of glue or glued binding  . The result is a shade whose seams can never open up , even with the roughest of handling .

All the shades are finally wrapped in a thick anti-static shrink foil , by a unique wrapping process that ensures that the shades are fully protected from all dust & dirt, without effecting its visual appeal when displayed for sales purposes.

Indo-Dan is a quality driven organisation . This is apparent from the fact that is in the very first year its commercial production ,it applied for & received approval for certification under ISO-9002. In accordance with the requirements of this ISO certification , Indo-Dan has in place a comprehensive system of Quality assurance checks, right from incoming materials, to in-process controls & final finished goods audit before despatch of any shipment.

Indo-Dan is therefore in a position to offer its Buyers , Lamp Shades of Scandinavian design & quality produced in the vaste & exotic range of Indian fabrics . Indo-Dan is also a very willing partner in developing with its Buyers, new Designs & models of Lampshades.

Indo-Dan is also aware of its obligations towards a better working environment for its staff & worker & also towards eliminating any environmental pollution . An Environment Review of Indo-Dan's facilities , done by M/s. The Industrialisation Fund for Developing Countries(I.F.U)-Denmark confirmed that Indo-Dan is in complete compliance with World Bank Guidelines & Danish Rules & Regulations.

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