How To Opt For Right Lampshades?


If you are planning to replace your old shade with a new one from our exotic offered range, you just need to follow a few basic steps to get the right one! First and foremost thing is size! To get the right dimensions, just measure the existing shade with a retractable tape measure or ruler. This will make your shopping much easier and hassle-free.
There are various shades we have listed with a set of different measurements. These measurements are listed in inches: distance across the top diameter, bottom diameter, vertical height and vertical slant (if applicable)

Shade Fitting

Further to elaborate it more, apart from the size & shape of the shade, lamp fitter is also an essential aspect needs to be taken into the consideration before buying the new shade. Fitter is used to attach the shade with lamp body.

There are various types of lamp fittings:

  • Spider Fitting with Harp - The most common fitting used in table and floor lamp shades.
  • Uno Shade Fitting - This fitting used in smaller table lamps. In this no harp is needed because the shades are attached directly to the socket through permanently installed wire.
  • Clip-On Shade - This fitting used and fixed in smaller accent lamps and chandeliers. As the name suggests, they clip directly onto the light bulb with no additional hardware. And, there are also large clip-on shades for a table or floor lamps. In this category, we offer two types of fittings- Regular Bulb Clip and Candle Bulb Clip.
  • CE Fitting (Europe & UK) -

    • E27 & B22 Fitting - This fitting typically used in table & floor lamps. In this type of fitting, shades are attached directly to the socket with the help of permanently installed wire.
    • E14 Fitting - This fitting used in table lamps & wall lights. Similarly, in this fitting also shades are attached directly to the socket with the help of a permanently installed wire.
  • UL Fitting (US & Canada) -
    • E26 to E12- Usually, E26 & E27 are interchangeable wherein E11 & E12 are not. E12 is typically used for candelabra fixtures. Indo-Dan Lampshades can also convert the E -27 Socket in to the E -14 Socket by adding the plastic adapter.Indo-Dan Lampshades can also convert the E -27 Socket in to the E -14 Socket by adding the plastic adapter.

    Types of Shades

    Hard Lamp Shades- The material utilized to produce hard shades is a fire-resistant laminate (or plastic) or a stiff card. We offer these shades in different shapes and sizes - from rectangular, square, to oval, however, the drum comes out to be most popular and preferred one!

    Soft lamp Shades- These are traditionally hand sewn shades, produced by utilizing fabric that is stretched across the frame, and then sewn onto the top & base rings. A lot of efforts are being deployed to craft the soft shades- but the end results are always much appreciated as these bring classy statement to your place.

    Few Shortcuts for Shopping Shades

    • Round or hexagonal shade for round lamp base
    • Square shade for square or angular base
    • Doubt in shape? Opt for empire
    • Choose shade 2/3 of the height and twice the width of the base
    • Pleats for traditional and plain for a contemporary look
    • Make a combination of opposite colors to drive a contemporary statement